How to Shoot Like a Pro Glamour Photographer


There is nothing worse than finally getting a dSLR camera and not knowing where to start.  Your worst nightmare is becoming another amateur GWC (Guy/Gal With Camera).

Learn everything you need to know to launch and become a successful, admired, artistic, versatile, and professional model photographer.

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Trained by Playboy photographers and retouchers, event photographer for club events at various SBE Hollywood venues, Al will teach you exactly what it takes to shoot like a pro including:

•Studio lighting equipment and setup

•Where to find and meet models

•How to use Manual Camera Settings

•Photography Releases

•Which Photoshop Tools to Use

•ISO/Aperture/Shutter Speed

•How to Create Visual Effects

•How to Pose Models and Prepare them for a Photoshoot

•How to Interact with Models

Get flooded with messages of beautiful models wanting to shoot with you, create the portfolio that the public adores & finally turn your hobby into a passion or career.  

Learn directly from the event organizer at Meetup.com/ImportModel where Top photographers and Models gather.

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  • Video Editing

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